Thursday, June 7, 2012

Can't stop

Do you ever have the feeling that you just can't stop moving and grooving???  Well, I know I do.  I've been like the energizer bunny.....just keep going and going and going.   

 My mind has a hard time shutting off to go to sleep and then I'm up at the crack of dawn trying to get everything done. I have a zillion ideas running around in my head constantly. So maybe I'll just dress all in pink, put on a pair of flip flops and wear my sunglasses, then I'll feel more the part.
or maybe not....but still just keep sewing and posting and folding and shipping and emailing and I just I can't forget about cooking and laundrying (OK, I made that word up) and shopping and baking and running and ............maybe I need a vacation?

Hey don't forget to comment on June 5th blog post so you can win the magazine.
The contest goes until June 12th.

1 comment:

  1. hey! I was in Vegas a few weeks ago (visiting family) and my mom, aunt, other aunt, two kiddos, and I went to a shop to find backign fabric for Ribbon Candy that I did in L'Amour by Sandy Gervais (and made into soon as I can get a pic I'll e-mail you! I LOVED the patern) and they asked me about the patern, I gave them the name, and your company name and blog. I hope they contact you! I just loved makign it!