Saturday, July 20, 2013

I finally did it....

Yep, finally.  I finally made a Buggy Barn block!!  
I have been wanting to do these FOREVER, but never felt I could take the time, work, work, work.  And I even had some tell me I couldn't do it because I'm too OCD.  Well here's showing you that anyone can make these super cute blocks of flowers.  See for yourselves
I took a class at Cotton Shop in Provo yesterday and thanks to Teresa, I'm hooked!!!  I love making these.  They are so fun.  I still have a couple of blocks to do.  Plus, I have two new Buggy Barn books that I'm dying to play with.  I just have to remember that all work and no play makes me a total space cadet!  
So, I'm going to need to play more often!  Anyone else out there love Buggy Barn???  
What's your favorite?  Let's hear what you have to say.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I decided the other day that I needed to update a few Skinnies.   A "Skinnies-Lift". 
You know, change fabrics, maybe make minor adjustment, stuff like that. 
 So I looked through all the Skinnies and 
chose a few to work on and update/change.  
I started with the cat from "Fall Skinnies".  Here's the original one, as you have seen before. 
 He needed just a little something.  So I started playing around with new fabrics and whatnot.
Here's what I came up with - the updated version. 
I added the white part on the eyes and lengthen the neck by 2".  It made a big difference, right?  
The border fabric is from a Riley Blake Halloween line.  What do you think of this"Skinnies - lift"?
Next up is the Christmas Stocking from "Seasonal Skinnies 1".
Until then , enjoy your hot summer days!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Skinnies Stand!!!!!

Look what came in the mail this weekend!!!

It's a floor Skinnies Stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ackfeld Wire now has them available.
The sun on top is a removable header, that way you can get all different designs for all the 
different holidays or seasons to use.  Ackfeld has some great headers for the holidays
The stand is 35" tall and with the sun header is 39".  You can put them anywhere.  Set it on your porch, your fireplace, on a staircase landing, just about anywhere you want to display your Skinnies.
I love mine!!!  I think I need to get a few more.....