Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fat quarter bundles for sale

Hey just to let ya'll know, I now have
Kona Solid fat quarter bundles on my Etsy shop.

They are in bundles of 8 fat quarters for $10 or 10 fat quarters for $13 plus shipping.
{Pink Lemonade, Keylime, Chili Pepper, Chocolate Chip Cookies, just to name a few} There's only 11 fat quarter bundles all in different color ways.

But I only have one bundle of each, so once they are sold, they are gone! You don't want to miss out. They are priced at about $1.85 per fat quarter, and that includes shipping!!!!!

So go now and shop, but don't hesitate, they will be gone before you know it. Happy sewing!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Twas a few months before Christmas....

and all through the house, Margie wanted to create a quilt like none other around.

She thought and thought about greens, blues and reds, but then got too tired and had to go off to bed.

Margie was all nestled and snug in her bed while Visions of Sugarplums danced in her head.

While night time wore on she peacefully slept and in the morning awoke, and said "Oh my heck"

she wasted not a minute but went straight to work and measured and cut while the vision still lurked.

Working long and hard through out the day, she kept going and then was happy to say.

"I think I done, won't people be pleased, with what I created for them to all see."

So I hope ya'll like the new Christmas quilt, I call "Visions of Sugarplums"

or I might just wilt.

Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot off the Press!!

Here's 2 of my newest patterns!

Just released this morning.


The quilt finishes 54" x 66". The caterpillars are appliqued with Shannon Fabrics "Cuddle" fabric, the eyes are tiny buttons from Hill Creek Designs (the button packs are made and ready to order, from me or hillcreekdesigns.com)

The fabrics are from Clothworks called "Beetle Boy" an older line of fabric. I used "Cuddle" fabric for the back of this quilt which I LOVE !!!

I already have brand new line fabric to make this quilt again. The fabric line for the new quilt is "Bug a Boo" by Adornit. I will show you that when it's done. OK on to my next show and tell....

Welcome Home

This pattern is the first in a series called "Triple Take". Each pattern will have three coordinating quilts.

For this pattern the wall quilt is 48" square, the medium quilt is a table topper, 28" square and the mini quilt is 12" square. Fabric line is from Clothworks called American Valor.

The table topper I designed to double as a huge potholder.

OK let em explain. I discovered this way COOL stuff while at quilt market. It called "Insul-Bright" by The Warm Company. It's a needled insulated lining. It can be used in pot holders, oven mitts, ironing board covers, just tons of stuff. Not only does it reflect heat back to it's source, it also reflects cold too. So you can use this stuff for insulated beach bags, lunch boxes, etc. Pretty cool stuff. Ya'll need to try some.

Now for the mini quilt. The stand is from Ackfeld Manufacturing. You have to check these guys out. Their website is http://www.ackfeldwire.com/. They have some of the coolest metal stands, hangers and hooks just for quilts. This stand has a removable topper (the scroll part) that can switched out with other ones for different season. Totally great stuff!!!

Both quilts were quilted by Brandy, which she is amazing!!! Tell me what you think of the new patterns. Have a fabulous day. Visions of Sugarplums is up next.....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

You have got to see this

Are these not the cutest things!! A friend of mine stopped by yesterday and I found out that she makes these.


is her blog, you have to check these out. She has all different colors and sizes and shapes, circles and squares, I love the squares! I love them all actually.

You can see from her blog that you can use these for tons of decorating ideas. Anything, from candles to treats to and everything in between. She hand cuts all the metal trim on each of the stands so they are all unique in color and style and size. Sizes range from 3" circle to custom sizes. Prices are from $20 and up.

So don't delay, go visit her blog today, to see all the others designs she has done, just the cutest!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winter Friends button pack

Hey there and good afternoon to everyone. It seems like forever since I have blogged. I've been crazy busy with some new quilts that I will be releasing next week.

But now I had to show ya'll these way cute buttons from......
"hillcreek designs".

Some of the buttons are super tiny, perfect for the snowman's smile and eyes. There are also square buttons, which are my favorite. This button pack is specially made for my "Winter Friends" pattern. So if are are interested in buying the button pack for your quilt, visit my Etsy shop to buy them. I just love buttons!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back from vacation

Hello to all!!! Happy Summer. I'm back from vacation and getting back into the groove. We took a trip to Indiana and were gone for 10 days. While there we went to Middlebury to see the sights and have dinner. I of course had to stop by "The Quilt Shop" there and see their wonderful shop. Lots of fun fabrics, kits and patterns. If you are ever in the neighborhood you should stop by to see it.

Throughout Indiana they have these flower gardens that are planted to look like quilt blocks. They are just beautiful. This one is in Middlebury. We were able to see just this one.

The trip was fun, tiring and worth it. Glad to be home and sewing again.