Thursday, July 14, 2011

You have got to see this

Are these not the cutest things!! A friend of mine stopped by yesterday and I found out that she makes these.

is her blog, you have to check these out. She has all different colors and sizes and shapes, circles and squares, I love the squares! I love them all actually.

You can see from her blog that you can use these for tons of decorating ideas. Anything, from candles to treats to and everything in between. She hand cuts all the metal trim on each of the stands so they are all unique in color and style and size. Sizes range from 3" circle to custom sizes. Prices are from $20 and up.

So don't delay, go visit her blog today, to see all the others designs she has done, just the cutest!

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  1. I think this are so darling but I went to her blog and Etsy and could not find the store listed in Etsy. Can you supply a better link than what is on her blog? Thanks Rie