Thursday, January 31, 2013

Etsy Shop has Quilt kits

Fat quarter bundles, quilt kits, fabric bundles and quiet book kits are now available on my Etsy Shop.
All kits are custom made, once they're gone, they're gone. Don't miss out.  Go over and shop today before it's too late. 
Happy Sewing!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wool Love!

Yes, I have to admit it...I'm having a love affair with wool.  It's just so beautiful.  The addiction has started and it's only the beginning.  Here's what I bought while
I was at Winterfest.
Can you just see that wonderful texture and, I mean, look at those gorgeous colors!
Thanks to my new friend Ginny and Corn Wagon Quilt Co.  I'm hooked.
What will I make with it????  Of course I will need to add more colors, don't you think?  The pinks and blues make me think Spring and the purples and oranges, Fall.  I need a rich cranberry red for something winter and a nice royal blue for summer.  Hmmm.  My mind is reeling with ideas. 
What would you make?  Please share!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Winterfest 2013

WOW! WOW! WOW!!  What a blast!!! Winterfest was sooo much fun this year.
They celebrated their 10th anniversary at Daniel Summit Lodge.
Gorgeous. right?? 

Here's my room, notice the fireplace....ahhhhh
I taught three classes this year and met some of the nicest,  craziest, fun quilters on the planet.  We all laughed, sewed, ate, shopped ( I bought some beautiful wool, it's all Ginny's fault :)), laughed some more and enjoyed everyones company.
This is the room where I taught.
Friday started with "Confetti" at 9am after a wonderful breakfast, (the granola was fabulous!!!)
Sherrey, Marsha and Sharlee, all with their "Confetti" blocks.  They all turned out Great!!!  Can't wait to see the finished quilts

Next on the agenda was "Matchmaker" at 1pm.
Ginny, sewing away on her blocks.  She's one of my new BFF!!!   
Nicole and Kathy working on their "Matchmaker" quilts 
Nicole with her finished top!!  Yeah!  I love the Christmas fabrics that she has!!
Saturday morning we started with "Delight".  Jennifer and Barbara are
cutting all their hexagons. 
Sherrey is working on her "Delight".  Her fabrics are Black/White with a bright turquoise for the flowers and border.
The "dreaded" Y seam has been over-come.
They're now all pros at it!
Melinda, Nicole, Valerie, Sherrey and Ginny - super fun gals!!!!  We laughed so hard that our faces hurt!
Stella, Julie, Ethelyn and Amy, my table mates for the weekend.
Thanks for a great time! 
Kathy took my class "Sassafras" last year at Winterfest.  Here's her finished quilt.  She did an awesome job and the cool thing is,  this was her very first quilt!  I'm sure it won't be her last....
I love to attend Winterfest!!!!  Always fun and relaxing!
Can't wait for next year!!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekend sewing... a little late

Sharing time.  Here's a table topper that I finished this last weekend.  A simple variation of a Rail Fence using up a bunch of scraps from my stash.
  Yes, I'm starting early on Christmas gifts this year. 
 Hey, if I don't they won't get done. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Skinnies in the works

For those of you who love the Seasonal Skinnies patterns, there is a whole new line coming your way in May!!!
I'm very excited about all of them and have been shopping for just the right fabrics.  Because even though I use my stash fabrics, I have the need to buy something new each time I design.  I'm sure you understand..;)
So I'm bundled up in the house (because it is miserably cold outside) and working hard drawing, designing and sewing some fun new Skinnies, just for you!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sharing Time

Here's some quilts that Jenny Whitener has done and sent me the photos. Take a peek and see how wonderful they are!!
Thanks for sharing with us Jenny!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Got snow???

We do!!  Woke up this morning to 12" on our driveway.  Took us about 1 1/2 hours to shovel it all.  Yep shovel, no snow blower here. 
Now I'm sitting with ice on my back.....I think I need some hot chocolate.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I guess I'm not the only one

Have you felt a little over-whelmed? Or maybe just a little stressed?   (Me, it's like a whole lot stressed)  Or like your running in circles, keeping super busy but feel like your not accomplishing much? (even though you are)
Well, you are not alone.  While running errands today, I ran into a friend of mine, and after chatting for a short time found out that she is feeling the same way.  Boy, what a relief!!!  At least I feel a little more normal.  But, it doesn't fix the problem. 
Trying to be a mom of 5 very active and busy kids, being a wife, housekeeper, maid, taxi driver, cook and menu planner, homework coordinator (yeah I just made that one up, but it's so true!!) serve in my church, run a business (which right now I'm working on all new designs to be released in May, YIKES!!!)  and have some small amount of time to work out (which that's laughable at the moment,
because that time has't happened yet)
Arrrgh!!!  I have great exciting and fun plans for this new year, with my family and friends,  fabulous ideas for quilts, sorry that sounded a bit conceited.
But some of the plans I have for tutorials, block of the months, tips adn tricks etc, I think are pretty cool  and I'm way excited to do them all.  So hence the frustration not being able to do it all right now.
Do you feel the same way????
Anyway thanks for letting me vent.  As my great friend Brandy keeps telling me
"Just keep sewing, just keep sewing"
We'll try again tomorrow.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend sewing

I finally finished up this wool project and wanted to share it with you.  Just something fun for the cold winter days to brighten things up a little.   By the way it's only 5' here this morning....a little too cold for me, brrrrrrrr
For some weird reason, I can't download the photo here, so if you want to see what I did, go to me Facebook page.
Help me decided whether I should frame this or make it into a pillow.