Monday, January 28, 2013

Winterfest 2013

WOW! WOW! WOW!!  What a blast!!! Winterfest was sooo much fun this year.
They celebrated their 10th anniversary at Daniel Summit Lodge.
Gorgeous. right?? 

Here's my room, notice the fireplace....ahhhhh
I taught three classes this year and met some of the nicest,  craziest, fun quilters on the planet.  We all laughed, sewed, ate, shopped ( I bought some beautiful wool, it's all Ginny's fault :)), laughed some more and enjoyed everyones company.
This is the room where I taught.
Friday started with "Confetti" at 9am after a wonderful breakfast, (the granola was fabulous!!!)
Sherrey, Marsha and Sharlee, all with their "Confetti" blocks.  They all turned out Great!!!  Can't wait to see the finished quilts

Next on the agenda was "Matchmaker" at 1pm.
Ginny, sewing away on her blocks.  She's one of my new BFF!!!   
Nicole and Kathy working on their "Matchmaker" quilts 
Nicole with her finished top!!  Yeah!  I love the Christmas fabrics that she has!!
Saturday morning we started with "Delight".  Jennifer and Barbara are
cutting all their hexagons. 
Sherrey is working on her "Delight".  Her fabrics are Black/White with a bright turquoise for the flowers and border.
The "dreaded" Y seam has been over-come.
They're now all pros at it!
Melinda, Nicole, Valerie, Sherrey and Ginny - super fun gals!!!!  We laughed so hard that our faces hurt!
Stella, Julie, Ethelyn and Amy, my table mates for the weekend.
Thanks for a great time! 
Kathy took my class "Sassafras" last year at Winterfest.  Here's her finished quilt.  She did an awesome job and the cool thing is,  this was her very first quilt!  I'm sure it won't be her last....
I love to attend Winterfest!!!!  Always fun and relaxing!
Can't wait for next year!!!



  1. Ginny is a very bad influence! It was a fun winterfest. Thank you for coming and sharing your talents!

  2. Kellie you weren't supposed to rat me out! I take full blame for the wool experience! very fun! I am so glad I added that class last minute, I might have missed out on a new bff!

  3. Yes, I can blame Ginny, but the fact is I drove right in to that wool bin and found some great stuff. Thanks Ginny for the push!!! I can't wait to buy more wool and play. Winterfest was SUPER and can't wait to quilt together again!!