Friday, January 18, 2013

Skinnies in the works

For those of you who love the Seasonal Skinnies patterns, there is a whole new line coming your way in May!!!
I'm very excited about all of them and have been shopping for just the right fabrics.  Because even though I use my stash fabrics, I have the need to buy something new each time I design.  I'm sure you understand..;)
So I'm bundled up in the house (because it is miserably cold outside) and working hard drawing, designing and sewing some fun new Skinnies, just for you!!


  1. I am excited about that. I encountered your skinnies during a google search. That is how I found your site. I love following your blog and look forward to a new family of skinnies!

  2. I just saw this post as I was reading through your blog. I'm excited for more skinnie patterns! You are so talented!