Thursday, January 10, 2013

I guess I'm not the only one

Have you felt a little over-whelmed? Or maybe just a little stressed?   (Me, it's like a whole lot stressed)  Or like your running in circles, keeping super busy but feel like your not accomplishing much? (even though you are)
Well, you are not alone.  While running errands today, I ran into a friend of mine, and after chatting for a short time found out that she is feeling the same way.  Boy, what a relief!!!  At least I feel a little more normal.  But, it doesn't fix the problem. 
Trying to be a mom of 5 very active and busy kids, being a wife, housekeeper, maid, taxi driver, cook and menu planner, homework coordinator (yeah I just made that one up, but it's so true!!) serve in my church, run a business (which right now I'm working on all new designs to be released in May, YIKES!!!)  and have some small amount of time to work out (which that's laughable at the moment,
because that time has't happened yet)
Arrrgh!!!  I have great exciting and fun plans for this new year, with my family and friends,  fabulous ideas for quilts, sorry that sounded a bit conceited.
But some of the plans I have for tutorials, block of the months, tips adn tricks etc, I think are pretty cool  and I'm way excited to do them all.  So hence the frustration not being able to do it all right now.
Do you feel the same way????
Anyway thanks for letting me vent.  As my great friend Brandy keeps telling me
"Just keep sewing, just keep sewing"
We'll try again tomorrow.

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