Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Baby skinnies

It's a Skinnie! Thanks Becky G for the idea of a baby announcement skinnies pattern. I used the "Lily and Will" line from Moda. The size is the same as all the skinnies, 14" x 28". I think they turned out pretty cute. What do you think? Tell me what you want to see in a Skinnies pattern.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tired of Winter...

Boy, I'm tired of winter right now and the illness it brings. What a week it's been. I've had 2 very sick little boys. It started last Friday morning at 6:30am with the stomach flu and finally is on the up swing today. I won't go into any details, there's too many. Everyone will be back in school tomorrow and I hope things will get back to normal, well as normal as things are at my house. Needless to say not much sewing went on. I'm back in the saddle so to speak and can't wait to get more quilts done. I'm starting to get ready for May market and it's a little overwhelming. There's so much to think about and to do, but it will be a total blast and I can't wait. Until next time, just keep sewing and remember, things could always be worse, so let's be grateful even for winter :)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What do you see...

TaDa!!! Here it is, Kaleidoscope. Done and ready to go. Brandy did another amazing job on the quilting! I love how when you look at this quilt you see different block shapes every time, hence the name "Kaleidoscope". The fabric line I used was "Sunkissed" by Moda. You could use any color combo and it would work. This is a great quilt to use up all those extra charm pack pieces you might have, or make a great scrap quilt too. I just love it!!! What do you think?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Life keeps happening...

Hey there, I hope your days are going well. Life keeps going faster and faster and I'm trying to keep up. I need to have more hours in the day that I can sew. I have plenty of hours to clean and cook. :) By Wednesday, I will show you my newest creation, "Kaleidoscope". My mind keeps working overtime to come up with new and fun quilt ideas. It doesn't ever turn off. I'll be sitting somewhere and get this idea and frantically find a scrap of paper to draw on. You should see my doodle pad, which by the way is almost used up. I better get back to work to make something fabulous. Have a great day and just keep sewing.