Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back from vacation

Hello to all!!! Happy Summer. I'm back from vacation and getting back into the groove. We took a trip to Indiana and were gone for 10 days. While there we went to Middlebury to see the sights and have dinner. I of course had to stop by "The Quilt Shop" there and see their wonderful shop. Lots of fun fabrics, kits and patterns. If you are ever in the neighborhood you should stop by to see it.

Throughout Indiana they have these flower gardens that are planted to look like quilt blocks. They are just beautiful. This one is in Middlebury. We were able to see just this one.

The trip was fun, tiring and worth it. Glad to be home and sewing again.


  1. Seeing these pictures made me miss seeing you every day! You look great and I'm glad your trip was fun. I've been having fun with your generous gift of fabric!!

  2. Cute pics! I like how Josh is laying in the middle of the flowers. Glad you guys had fun.