Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Steam-A-Seam give away!!!

Now, ya'll know how much I LOVE the Steam-A-Seam products, right? Well I do and I use it on all of my projects. It works fabulously on quilts, table topper, wall hangings, everything.

So I thought, how cool it owuld be to do a contest and give some away. 

Would you like to win a 12" x 25yd roll of Steam-A-Seam???

Well who wouldn't! I'm going to give a roll away to a lucky winner. You could then do all of those projects that you've wanted to do. Think about it....25yards, you could fuse for days! WOW!!!

How can you win this??????
Here are the rules:

1. Leave a comment on 3 things about yourself. Two things must be true and one a lie.
(I'm sure you've all played this game before.)
2. Be funny and creative
3. To win you must be follower, if you're not a follower become one. 

I’ll start, here’s my three

1.       My favorite sport is bungee jumping
2.      I won MVP in a basketball tournament
3.      I love chocolate caramel brownies

OK, easy right?? The contest will go until July 11th end of the day.
Just as a note, Lite Steam-A-Seam2 is shown, if you win, you can choose the Lite or regular.
Good luck to all, I can't wait to read all the funny thing ya'll come up with. 

This contest is now over.  watch for more fun give aways soon.  thanks!


  1. Here goes!
    1. I've been to China
    2. My favorite food is ketchup
    3. I have no knuckle in my right thumb

  2. 1. I drove over 5000 miles last summer.
    2. My favorite sport to participate in is Dog Sled Racing.
    3. I've eaten pineapple right from the field in Hawaii.

    Fingers crossed!!

  3. 1. I'm 29 years old
    2. I've been married 46 years
    3. My house is a mess.

  4. I'm a follower of your blog.

    1. Cleaning helps me de-stress
    2. I'm growing my own garden
    3. I have traveled to Switzerland

  5. 1. i've sport fished for big fish off the islands of hawaii, both sides of mexico, all over the carribean and in the bahamas and never caught a thing. nobody on my boats caught anything either.
    2. i had polio back in the day and have had subsequent periodic episodes of recurrence of symtoms over the years.
    3. i'm a gourmet cook ... and enjoy all aspects of it, from shopping for choice morsels to prettying up the plates serving it and scrubbing up the pots and pans after savoring each and every bite!

  6. 1. My married name and my mother's maiden name are both names of countries.
    2. I speak three languages.
    3. I was born on 8/10 and I weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz.

  7. >Love love caramels
    >Play the alto saxophone
    >Have four children

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Here is me:
    1: Love latte's in the morning (Pandera)
    2: Love Hardback's brownies
    3: Love Antonio's rolls

    I know...All food that is bad for you, but taste so good!

    You asked, and yes, I am a follower

    Judith, Texas

  9. 1. I've lived in NYC and London, but now live in a teeny tiny town in the wilds of New Hampshire.
    2. I'm hooked on quilting!
    3. I'm a fabulous cook! :-)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. 1.I love to clean house.
    2. I love to machine quilt.
    3. I love chocolate.
    I too am a follower.

  11. 1. I'm on Quiltmaker's Scrap Squad.
    2. I ALWAYS do ALL my housework before doing a stitch of quilting!
    3. I have lived in 4 countries.

  12. 1. I love to Quilt for my family.
    2. I am a proud Nana of 7 Grandchildren.
    3. I am SKINNY.

  13. 1. I have lived in Germany.
    2. I have visited Italy.
    3. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would buy is fabric.

    I am a new follower - thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  14. Ok, this will be fun and I LOVE Steam a Seam...
    1. I am crazy over the top in love with quilting.
    2. I have a tomato fetish and have 36 plants growing in my garden
    3. I love to iron clothing, not just quilt fabric

  15. My favorite color is brown.
    I met Prince Harry.
    I listen to rock music when I quilt.

  16. I've been on my local school board for 20 years
    I like to watch Cake Boss
    I am training for a triathlon
    True, love the steam a seam. Thanks.

  17. I attended 13 schools before graduation from high school.

    I have lived in the same house for 29 years.

    I grow pineapples in my garden.

    (I am a new follower)

  18. 1. I sew with my shoes off.
    2. My first car was a Red Toyota truck.
    3. I got on the wrong plane once and headed to Georgia instead of LA.

  19. Just found your blog!

    1) I am a goalie in ice hockey.
    2) My two-year-old son already knows how to quilt.
    3) I have a hand written letter from Doctor Who.

  20. I am a new follower
    I used to be a police woman
    I have 5 ducks


  21. First Entry:
    #1- I was a poster child for the American Heart Fund when I was a child.
    #2-I recently returned from Paris as part of a swap I participated in.
    #3-I love aprons and can't get enough of them, though I dislike cooking!

  22. Second Entry:
    I am a new follower!

  23. 1. Long arm quilting is my passion.
    2. I own a castle in England.
    3. Love to cook.

  24. 1. Quilting is my passion
    2. I've taught a class on a Quilting Cruise
    3. I've never used Steam-A-Seam.

  25. 1. I'm a new runner.
    2. I LOVE pickles.
    3. I am NOT a coffee drinker.

  26. 1. Quilting feeds my soul
    2. My favorite color is orange
    3. I love cross stitch

  27. Very generous give away-thanks!
    1. Born in New England, lived in Fla, and now live in Pacific NW.
    2. Have 3 great-grandkids
    3.Love to pull weeds in my garden

  28. 1. I love to make handmade soap.
    2. I am a fabriholic.
    3. My husband knows exactly how much fabric I have.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I am a follower.

    1. I am ambidextrous.
    2. I piece quilts on a treadle sewing machine.
    3. I make dresses for my dog.

  30. 1. I work on a car that goes over 200 mph.
    2. I love to go deep sea fishing.
    3. I pack parachutes.

  31. 1. I'm an only child
    2. I race sail boats
    3. I love to applique

  32. 1. I was born with an extra pinkie toe that was later removed
    2. I went river-rafting up the Nile
    3. I own about 200 PEZ dispensers

  33. 1. I'm 120, I just look really really good for my age, although once a year I feel like I'm at least 150.
    2. I've been to 42 out of the 50 states.
    3. I think Dale Chihuly is an amazing glass artist.

  34. 1.I have a closet full of potential craft masterpieces.
    2. I have a garage full of potential craft masterpieces.
    3.I am constantly on the lookout for more potential craft masterpieces.

  35. 1. I am afraid to attempt applique.
    2. I love cats and have 5 of them.
    3. I inherited a hand crank sewing machine from my grandmother.

    Diane (cameldiva at yahoo dot ca)

  36. What a FUN giveaway-- and a fantastic prize!!!! :-)
    Here's my three:
    1. I LOVE shelties!
    2. I played snare drum in the marching band!
    3. My favorite past-time is washing dishes!

  37. 1. I live in the "Most Southwesterly City in the Continental United States".
    2. I am the mother of a grandfather!
    3. I am 35 years old.

    And I am a new follower! 8-)

  38. 1.I have a 30 year old parrot.
    2.I kayak on class 4 rapids.
    3.I only eat ice cream on a cone.

  39. 1. I have scaled the Sears Tower from the outside.
    2. I have been to Australia four times.
    3. I have black widow spiders on the outdoor faucet.

  40. 1)I speak 5 languages.
    2)I love applique.
    3)I have worked in Paris.
    How fun - thanks for a chance!

  41. I'm a new follower found you on CluckCluckSew
    1) I love peanut buster parfaits
    2) My favorite pastime is sewing
    3) I love my long arm quilting machine

  42. I am a follower.

    >I have been to Disneyland over 100 times.
    >I have a beautiful rose garden.
    >I am addicted chocolate.

  43. I am a Christian.
    I am a blond.
    I have a wonderful husband, daughter & son-in-law.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. It takes 30 minutes to straighten my hair every morning.
    My honey is more than a foot taller than I am.
    My cherry tree was plundered by the neighborhood boys.

  46. I'm a mom to twin boys.
    I've been married for 25 years.
    My feet are the same size as my hubby's.

    I'm already a follower! :) Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  47. I graduated from college at the age of 47.
    I once rode around Daytona Int. Speedway at 150mph.
    Once a year, I dress as a beer wench at a local Renaissance Faire.

  48. 1. I sew and quilt at least 8 hours a day. :o)
    2. I ride my bicycle everywhere.
    3. My husband is from Australia.

    I love steam a seam and have won many ribbons for projects using it! Thanks.

  49. 1. I once hit a diving board while doing a jackknife and dislocated my middle finger-Ouch!
    2. I am an Ohio grandma of three grandsons and a granddaughter all in Green Bay, WI
    3. I just ran a marathon at age 57 in 101 degree temps.

    Oh what I could do with 25 yards of Steam-a-Seam!!!

  50. 1. I have one brown eye and one blue eye.
    2. When I sing I make the Angels cry (and anybody else
    who is listening!)
    3. I made our dog a quilt before I made one for my
    husband, and he's still waiting for his quilt!

  51. 1. I have freckles
    2. I once ran for member of parliament
    3. I hate coconut

  52. 1. I've been to the Pyramids
    2. I've been to Venice
    3. I've been to our family's castle in Scotland

    I love this stuff you're giving away!

  53. I am a quilter.
    I do mostly applique quilts but i use plastic pieces that I hot glue on for the applique so it doesn't fray.
    I have been to Mexico several times and plan to retire there, although we are also considering Panama.

    (maybe Steam a Seam would work better for my Applique?)

  54. i'm a quilter and a knitter.
    i ride my bike 7 miles daily.
    i've climbed mountains and walked on glaciers.

  55. I began quilting to fill the time in my empty nest
    I gave up my modeling career to be able to spend time with my friends
    My next vacation will be to the quilt show in Ireland

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. This is so exciting!!

    1. I once jumped out of a plane.
    2. My stash is neatly arranged by color.
    3. I have a serious addiction to buying fabric.