Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winterfest 2012 - WOW!!!

WOW!  Winterfest 2012, What a great retreat.  I was able to go this weekend and teach a couple of classes.  The retreat was held at Daniel Summit Lodge in Heber UT.  Here are some photos of my adventures.

Here's the front on the lodge.  It started to snow when I was driving up there on Thursday night.  It snowed til around midnight and woke up to beautiful clear blue skies and bitter cold temps. 
Glad I was inside the whole time.
 This is my room.  It was totally cozy and comfy.  I got to again.
 It even had a fireplace, which I had on the whole time!!!
 Here's the view from my balcony, yes balcony, how cool is that!

 This is the main floor lounge with fireplace and tons of comfy sofas.
 More of the main lounge area.  Love the mountain loin
 This is going up to the second floor where my room was, check out the chandelier, it's all antlers, awesome!  Love all the log stairways and rustic accents
 This is where we had our meals in the Summit Room.  GREAT food by the way!!!
 One of my classes hard at work. 
It was a total blast to go and meet all these great women and have a wonderful time.  If you have a chance to go, sign up and attend next year, same time, same place.   You won't be disappointed!!!!

 I meet a couple of gals, Kris Thurgood, she runs a new quilt shoppe in Logan UT, called "My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe". You have to check it out!  And I meet Kim Christopherson, her sister who designs patterns.  Awesome people.  They have super ideas and, I mean look at the shop, who wouldn't want to go there.  They asked to me come in do a trunk show soon.  I can't wait! 

All in all great weekend....met wonderful people, ate yummy food, talked quilting, had chocolate and got to spend time in a cozy lodge with a fireplace.  What a life! (smile). 

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