Monday, January 9, 2012

Can't seem to get it going

I don't know about you, but I'm having a hard time this year getting my rear in gear and getting everything done.  I'm defiantly staying busy with everything I'm doing, but I feel like I'm on a treadmill, running like crazy but getting no where fast.  Anyone else feel this way???

So I've devised a plan and it's starts tomorrow.  The rest of my week is planned, so we'll see what happens.  Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. I am feeling the same! I got a slow start on the year this year with family being with us in-house thru Jan 2nd. Usually I have the last week in December to gather myself and gain momentum...engine ready when the New Year is rung in. Not this year!

    I've been doing major organizing/rearranging of fabric and crafy things. This has me singularly focused more than normal.

    I've set a few goals last, I'm trying to gain some step towards progress this week. I will cross my fingers for both of us, k?


  2. If you get it figured out.. please let us all know.. cuz yes.. I am stuck in neutral.