Wednesday, January 4, 2012


How many resolutions have you made for this year???  
  Are you overwhelmed already? 
Have you made too many?
Here are some of mine.  I'd like to hear about yours.
  I decided to stick with some pretty basic ones,
1. Eat healthier, I mean I eat pretty well I just have to get the chocolate kisses out of my sewing room either that or I eat them all, grin
 2.  Start my workouts again (I've had to stop for a while due to a pinched nerve in my neck)
3.   Be a better mom. Spend more time with the kidos
4.  Make all the holidays more fun for the family
 Of course last years resolutions of getting caught up on all my craft projects, scrapbooking all my photos (HA! like that's going to happen in this life time, but I guess I can dream ;)
and getting my house painted has been pushed to this year.  So wish me luck and here we go!


  1. I write down my resolutions in the same notebook every year. After looking back through the pages, I see a lot of repeaters!LOL Here are a few: My first one is to reduce the clutter in my house... Been trying to narrow down my hobbies. Yikes! 2. Definitely need to push away the sweets...Almost have my Christmas candy gone! Is that counter productive??;) 3. Need to make a schedule to balance my home business ventures and meal plans... which equals to less stress for ME. 4. Keep a positive and healthy outlook on life and enjoy the moments... Trying at times. *sigh* And finally, I am determined to expand my knowledge and skills of quilting. My newest love! :)

    My list of hopes is sooo long. It makes the year seem short... Christmas will roll back around before we know it! ;) Happy 2012!

  2. now that i'm older, it seems that all my old resolutions have merged into one: perservere! to make it through the year; to live, laugh, love ... and quilt!