Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Skinnies Shopping..

Just finished a quilt yesterday, which I just love and can't let you have a peek yet.   So I had to go out and buy more fabric.  I was out shopping for new Skinnies fabrics when I get a phone call from the school telling me one of my boys is hurt and bleeding.  This is a phone call we never want to get, Yikes!!   I was 30 mins away.  Luckily the shop I was at let me drop everything and run.  I made it to the school in 21 mins, no I didn't speed, mostly.  He's got an 1 1/2" gash on the top of his head.  So we are headed to the doctors for stitches/glue/tape.  Bummer, but my son is OK. (big sigh).  His biggest worry is that he won't be able to play basketball for a few days.

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