Friday, February 24, 2012

Name that fabric...

OK, here's a challenge for you today.  Are you ready??? 
Name each fabric piece, with name of manufacturer and the name of the collection.  
Example: Moda-manufacturer, "Give Thanks" - collection

These are current collections, nothing old or out of date.  So put on your fabric thinking hat and see what you come up with.  Make sure that the number is next to your answer. 
 The winner will be chosen on Wednesday, Feb 29.  You must be a follow to play, if you're not  follower, click and become one. 

The prize is a gem, four fat quarters of "RUBY" by Moda.

Good luck and play on.... have  a great weekend!!


  1. 1. Chemistry, I really like this one.
    2. No clue.
    3. Hall of Fame. Very distinct.
    4. You got me.
    5. I'm not sure, but I think it would suit Delighted quite well.

    A few years ago, I was frustrated at the selection in Joanns. Then I was introduced to the on-line world of fabrics. Now, there are far too many options.

  2. Hello, I do not recognize any of the fabrics; but sure like your Blog! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ok..I looked and looked and still am looking....
    1. Moda- "Always and Forever" - Deb Strain
    2. Henry Glass "Freedon Star" - Color Pinnacle
    3. Michael Miller "Hall of Fame" - Emily Herrick
    4. DK - thought a Thimbleberries line fit, but nope.
    5. Dk

    I know I may never find what the other fabrics are by tomorrow but what a great mystery!!! I had fun learning and seeing all the latest and greatest!! Miss seeing you!

  4. I don't know any of them but I really want to win that fabric! UGH! I don't even know where to start looking. What a great challenge!