Monday, November 28, 2011

Way too much..

Boy, oh boy, did I eat just way too much this last week.  But it was all too good to pass up!!  I mean good grief, we had three Thanksgiving dinners, count them THREE!  Plus the pies that were consumed.  This is a picture of just the pies on Thanksgiving Day.  We had  11 pies and 2 other desserts (one being an extremely rich pumpkin trifle).  Believe it or not there were only 27 of us at this dinner.  Can you tell we LOVE pie!  Our record one Thanksgiving was 14 pies. 
Ahhhh the memories. 

The other two dinners were smaller ones, but still with all the fixings, and more pie.  It was a wonderful week and weekend with family and food.  I hope ya'll had a great time with your loved ones and reflecting on all we can be grateful for.  There are so many things. 
Thanks for being my blog friends!   

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  1. To be honest with you, I love pie too! I didn't make a homemade one this Thanksgiving, but I hear it calling me!! LOL!! I plan to make one with my daughter and hopefully soon.