Friday, December 2, 2011

From Chaos to Cute...

or at least functional.  I mentioned that I was going to do some cleaning,
well I started with my sewing room/office.  
Here's the before.  What a disaster!!!!

I went to work.  First I had to empty the entire room, which is saying lot.  I moved, cleaned, folded, re-stacked, dusted (have I mentioned how to hate to dust), shifted and organized. 
 The nice thing is I had it done in a day. 
Here's what I came up with.
My sewing table is now away from the window so I don't get the glare.  It's soooo much  better.  I still have the natural light, which is a must.   I love windows.   I want to put a nice soft squishy chair there in the corner.  My kids like to come in and talk to me while I work. So now on I'm on the look out for a great chair that will fit in that spot, red maybe?

Some changes, notice the dresser under my work table.  I had my husband cut off the bottom two drawers of it so it fit perfectly.  I did lose two drawers of storage for fabric, but I was able to move things around a bit and make it work.  Painting is waiting until spring ,hence the cement ruck will be gone (smile).  There is still work I need to do.  Paint, recover my chair and ironing board and make a new valance  But all is all I like the feel.  I'll show you the rest when I have it done.  Sew now I  can sew on a few more projects, like I'm ever done with projects (smile).   Have a great weekend! 

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