Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Super weekend

Hey there! I hope ya'll had a great Labor Day weekend and did something fun. I would love to hear what you did!!!
This is what I did. I started the weekend right by going shopping with my friend. We went to Swiss Days in Midway UT, this is an annual craft show that brings thousands of people to Midaway. Holy cow what an event, it was AWESOME!!!!!!! There were people everywhere. We had fun looking at all the crafts, jewelry, art and home decor booths. We also hit a quilt shop while there, ya know never pass up an opportunity to go to a quilt shop. We spent most of the day there and came home tired and happy.

Saturday had a family get together, Sunday went to church and played games with my family. Monday we all slept in, yes if felt great! My husband and I took our boys up the canyon near our home and shot BBguns and .22 rifles. We played more games and watched movies.
That was my weekend, tell me about yours.


  1. We joined the gym so that we can get in shape. We homeschool our son who is 13, and that will be his gym class this year. Today was our first day. What a way to start my birthday, by weighing in at they gym.. YUCK!!! Well, atleast I know I will be healthier next year :)

  2. I canned tomatoes, stitched on a quilt block or two for a group exchange and watched "True Grit" but had to cover my eyes in the cave... it felt like "labor" day for sure!