Monday, September 19, 2011

Double Prizes!!!!

Yep, that's what you heard (well read)

Double Prizes for the winners!!!

This time two people win. What will they win? you ask?... take a look....

6 Halloween fat quarters and a Twist & Turn quilt pattern

to make a cute Halloween throw quilt for the up and coming holiday.

How do you win? Well, let me tell you.

1. You need to be a follower.

2. Tell a friend about my blog and get them to become a follower also.

3. Both of you must be followers.

4. Each of you leaves a quick comment

(example: I'm Margie U.and I got my friend Lisa D. to follow your blog.

Lisa D then comments: I'm Lisa D and I started following because Margie U. )

This is the very important part so I know who is who's friend and who gets to win. Make sure that when you leave your comment you use your first name and last initial, or your user id, or something the identifies you. The more friends you get to follow, the more chances you have to win. (I hope this all makes sense)

5. A comment is randomly chosen and the person who commented and their friend each get the 6 Halloween fat quarters and the Twist & Turn pattern.
This contest goes until Friday evening the 23rd . So don't delay find your friend today and get them to follow so you can both get the prize!! I will announce the winner on Saturday morning. Good luck!


  1. I follow your blog both here and with Google Reader, so I never miss a thing. I recommended that my friend Mary Lynn C. also become a follower.
    Love the fabric, thanks for the opportunity.

  2. I was asked by my friend Jennifer W. to follow your blog. I am now a follower Mary Lynn C.

  3. I am Kira and I brought Sara Lyn with me today.

  4. I am Sara Lyn and I started following because of Kira. That pattern is so cute!

  5. Now my sis in law Amy Peacock is a follower. Thanks.... Love your stuff.

  6. I am the sis in law Amy, and I am so glad that Natalie turned me onto you, your stuff is way cute!