Friday, September 30, 2011

New Skinnies Ideas

to help me think of new ideas for Skinnies patterns. I'm creating more patterns and would LOVE to have your input. So give me any and all ideas!! I want ideas for any holiday, any season, any decor, any thing you think that would look great on a Skinnie. An chances are if I use that idea, I will send you the pattern when I'm done. Deal! Thanks in advance for your inspiring input. Life is wonderful.


  1. I see you have a cupcake, which is very cute, but what about a birthday or wedding cake.. something for a baby shower? or a school event? a Welcome sign? a tea pot and cups for the kitchen...sewing supplies for a sewing room.. Coffee theme?

  2. How about a birdwatching motif? I used to sit at the table with Nana and we'd watch the birds (and the occasional squirrel) over our cups of tea. It's a sweet memory for me (she's been gone for 10+ years now).

  3. Or, how about those "conversation hearts" candy that you see around Valentines Day? Maybe a "banner" around the edge with the hearts on a ribbon? OR speaking of bannery ribbon thingies, how about a garland of "ice-sickles", you know, like the ones you see on trees around Christmas? Hmmmm - you're so creative, I'm sure you could come up with a bunch - but thanks for asking us in the "peanut gallery". ;)

  4. how about a set of three different angels?

  5. I think you need to add some dog/puppy skinnies :)

  6. I think that you might have a following with sport skinnies i.e. football field, basketball, baseball...bases loaded. Can you tell what goes on at my house these days?? :) Good luck! I also think that mother's day with a rose or father's day with a tie...hmmm the ideas are endless it seems!

  7. I'd like to see some frogs or jungle animals.

  8. I would like to see a friendly monster skinny. Maybe a frankenstein but probably some sort of fuzzy monster. It would be great to make for the little ones who are afraid of monsters so they can have a friendly monster to protect them.

  9. Monuments of America
    Mount Rushmore
    Beatrix Potter Characters
    Harry Potter Characters, there are lots of folks who would love this
    I like Sallie's frog suggestion.
    Trees, including Palms. I just might have to make that one.
    Stages of a rose bud/bloom

  10. I think you should do a sports motif and include volleyball. My husband loves volleyball but it is often overlooked and the sports we see the most are football, basketball, and soccer or baseball. Sports skinnies would be great but I would want at least one of them to be a volleyball one.

    how about Teacher skinnies? And apple, a crayon and a pencil or something like that? I would absolutely LOVE that!

  11. I love all the above ideas and I LOVE your new seasonal skinnies!!!

    How about nursery theme skinnies?
    Noah's Ark
    Teddy Bears
    Plains, Trains & Automobiles
    Rubber Ducks
    Cowboys & Indians

    How about a skinny with all 4 seasons in one?
    How about a chocolate skinny for all us chocolate fanatics?

    I don't want to give you too many ideas, because I pretty much want to do every skinny you've ever created! :0) And there are already so many! You're a genius! Love ya!