Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Table Topper Tutorial

OK, here we go. For all of you that have never made a Tossed 9 Patch, this is for you. They are fast and easy. I thought it would be a fun project, (this is my first tossed 9 patch)

To make a Tossed 9 patch Table Topper you need to have one charm pack that has at least 36 - 5" squares. Your table topper will finish about 26 1/2" square. The fabric shown is Moda "Grande Finale" by Sandy Gervais.

Pick out 9 - 5" squares and lay them out as shown. The fabrics in the corners are going to be most prominent in your block once you cut it. Be sure to mix your lights, mediums and darks in the corners of your 9 patch. That way you won't have all the same color showing once you have cut your 9 patch. Note: If you have a fabric that is your least favorite, place that fabric square in the middle.

Sew your 9 patch together. Press your seams. Make 4 - 9 patch blocks.

Take your 9 patch block and cut it in half as shown.

Now, take the cut pieces and cut them in half again. Do this to all the 9 patch blocks. You now have a 16 Tossed block. Note: Now you can see that the fabric that was in the middle of your 9 patch is only a small square.

Take your 16 tossed blocks and lay them out turning them in different directions until you get the desired look. Your layout will be 4 blocks by 4 blocks.

Sew your blocks together in rows

Sew all your rows together. Press your seams as you go. Quilt as you desired. Bind. You now have a fast easy table topper for fall or any other season. (Because charm packs come in all seasons, colors and holidays, the choices are unlimited) Enjoy!!!

If you want to have a bigger quilt use more charm packs. I used two charm packs and used my favorite prints to make my table topper. I chose not to use the blues and purples that are in this fall line. So you see the quilt shown is 5 blocks X 5 blocks.

WARNING: This quilt is so easy that you may not stop at making one, or two or ten. Don't say that I didn't warn you. Smile!!!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial and how cute and fun the table topper is! What a quick and great gift! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Of course you know I loved this tutorial.... since I shared with you the other day out in the street :) I shared you link with my family too so they could make the table topper. I love simpe and quick :)

  3. Hello there! I just linked to your blog to share your lovely tutorial. I really found it helpful! Thank you so much for helping me learn!!