Friday, September 20, 2013

No Sew Table Runner

Have you noticed how popular Burlap is getting??  I have, so I thought I would play with some. 
Here's a quick and simple "No Sew Table Runner"
First you need some burlap, I bought 2 yards
3 yards of cream lace
1 spool of Steam-A-Seam 2 double stick fusible web 1/4" x 40 yards
  This table runner is going to be 12" x 50".  Burlap comes 50" wide so it's perfect
 To straighten the edge of your burlap, grab hold of a thread about 1" from the edge and start to pull.
This will gather up the burlap and you will need to work the thread and pull it all the way out,
 from selvage to selvage.  
 This is what it looks like.  Now you have a clear "line" to cut on.
 Cut all the way across
You now have a nice straight edge on one side of your table runner.
From our straighten edge that we just cut, measure over 12".  
Pull that thread out from selvage to selvage.
 Now cut on that "line".
Your table runner is now ready to be embellished.
 Carefully hand press the Steam-A-Seam 1/4" double sided fusible web
 to the wrong side if the lace edge.
Hand press the lace/fusible web to the long edge of your table runner.  
With a warm iron, press in place.
  Repeat on both long edges of your runner.
 There you are!!  No Sew Table Runner
Now for some tips.
1.  Make sure you "PRESS" not iron.  Lots of straight down, press, and then straight up.
If you move your iron around, 
you will curl up the edges of your lace.
 2.  If your iron is too hot, you will melt your lace.  Yeah, not fun :(
(good thing I bought extra lace.)
3.  Clean your iron when you are done.  The fusible web will leave a residue.
You don't want to find that out after you are working on a quilt.
What do you think?  Quick and easy right?!!  Make it with lace or without.
Let's see what I come up with next.  Until then, 
Happy Sewing!!

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