Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Block of the Month quilts

Hey there!  I'm working on a new series of quilts that will be  "Block of the Month" quilts.  How many of you like BOM?    Do you like that ones that take 12 months or ones that are 6-8 months?  I'm excited about designing something like this and want your opinion.  I did a ton of sketching yesterday coming up with ideas.   There are four patterns Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter themed BOM.   Give me some of your ideas, I loved to hear what quilters want!!! 

By the way, the new Skinnies are ready to be quilted.  Wait til you see them! 
Only 50 days to Spring Market!!! YIKES.


  1. I've designed one and taught it as a 6 week class, it was 12 blocks, I think the first week or rather 2nd week we did 3 blocks, the first week we talked about supplies etc. and some blocks were easier than others, then the last week it was close to done with the binding made and ready to sew on, I split it up like that to teach, but 2 or 3 blocks a month are fun....??

  2. I have only done 12 month ones, but I like the idea of 6-8 weeks. I think it would depend on how big it is in the end. (plus you can only have so many 3x4 layouts right?)