Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luck of the Irish

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GO see how to make these fast and easy table toppers. 
DO you want to win a kit to make your own square topper????
Here it is...

Go over to MBS to see the tutorial and then come back here and comment to win a kit to make the top square topper for yourself. 
 Here's how to play. 
1.  First be a follower, if you are not become one.
2.  Make a comment on the funniest GREEN food you have ever eaten.
3.  Cross your fingers to win.

The winner will be randomly chosen on Sat, March 10.  So good luck and enjoy your day!!


  1. funniest green food... hm.. green eggs and ham for dr. seuss day at school? haha tastes the same obviously but you need to trick your mind into believing it!

  2. In my mind the funnies green food i have ever eaten was bristle sprouts. As a child I hated them, could not stand the smell or site of them. Now that I have grown up some, I like them but only a certain way. Any other way and I have flash backs to when I was a child.

  3. i came across your blog from moda bake shop and your lovely st. patricks day table runner. I love it. I am a new follower of your blog. It just so happens that my birthday is on St. Patricks day>>>
    the funniest green food that I have ever eaten was 2 years ago I made green pizza on st. patricks day for dinner for my family.
    thanks for a chance to win this great kit for the wonderful table runner.


  5. HI,I think avocado dip looks disgusting; but tastes pretty good!
    THANK YOU for a neat giveaway!
    Happy Stitching all !

  6. Love the moda bake shop AND your tutorial!

    Scariest? can't think of any. Yuckiest? there's plenty of those! LOL. How about Aspargus? both ugly and nasty tasting? Okra is along those lines too! LOL. :-D

  7. I love your table topper and runner!
    I'm a happy follower!"

  8. Funniest green food?
    When my children were younger they used to love coloured pancakes! I made all the colours of the rainbow including green but the worst colour was blue!

  9. I am a follower. The funniest green food I have eaten was green rice porridge. We were working on farytales at my school and added green conditor colour to make it look like it was made by witches. It tasted good. Hugs Jofrid

  10. i'm a follower! and have my fingers crossed to win this fabulous kit!

  11. not the funniest, but the funnest ... growing up, i was the family's official cake baker,even making my own st. patrick's day birthday cakes. it was always a green white cake, green pudding between the layers, green frosting with big green peppermint gum drops sliced to make shamrocks to decorate the cake with. everybody celebrates my birthday!

  12. I'm a follower. I've been thinking all morning, but can't come up with a food other than veggies or Jello! Kinda boring - that's me, just ask my kiddos.

  13. I'm a follower. What a terrific tutorial! Thanks so much. I learned several things just reading it. The weirdest green food I've ever eaten.....probably green orange juice. My Mom always colored food green for us on St. Patrick's Day.

  14. I'm a follower and I'm always so amazed at how you come up with these ideas! I don't have a brain that works like that so I give kudos to you. Here's hoping for a win!

  15. I'm a follower and have no funny green things except in the book green eggs and

  16. I had green dyed rice krispy treats for St. Patty's day and they really looked gross but still tasted the same! I'm a follower and would love to win (your tutorial is GREAT)....we all need alittle Good Luck to brighten our day!

  17. This is such a great tutorial! I popped over from MBS to check out your blog and say thanks for the tut.

    When I was first dating my husband, my Mom had him over one weekend for a full on turkey dinner. It was St Pat's Day so she made almost everything green... mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, Jell-O salad and green apple juice. My husband looked at me like "are you crazy?" but I insisted he play along. Adding to the wackiness of it all, my Dad decided to stand on his chair and raise his arm above his head with the food on a serving spoon and letting it plop to the plate from that height. It didn't scare off my husband luckily! Everything tasted fine being green except the apple juice. For some reason, that just tasted wrong being green.

    Thanks for the chance for the kit! I love the tutorial even if I don't win.

  18. I love you tutorial ... I might try making them tablerunner for St. Patrick Day : ) Long time ago, I was a youth counselor in a church to a group of Junior Youth and McDonald started to have Lime Green Sundae ... I thought it was kind of weird for a green color that is. But I thought I invite some youth to a treat ... when we get there the line was so long and I saw people with 'greeny' tongue and all that hehehee ... it was funny but it didn't scare us at all ... we had a blast with the limegreen sundae. I misses having one but it was discontinue and I never seen any other place selling limegreen sundae.