Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seasonal Skinnies 4

Get ready for summer. I can already feel the heat. I believe this set was the one that came together the fastest as far as fabrics and colors. Adding rickrack and buttons are always fun for me to do. I'll have to try some other types of trim on future Skinnies


  1. Here I am, follower # 5, and I just want to congratulate on stepping out on your own!! This is so inspiring for me right now as I have been designing and thinking of heading down this road too!

  2. Emily of Crazy Old Ladies directed me to your blog! There are some blogs you skip but this is one I wanted to follow! Love your work and boy, am I lucky I will be visiting Utah this summer from the Netherlands! That will give me the chance to find some of your Ribbon Candy Quilt Company Patterns! I just love the patriotic one!

  3. I love little seasonal things... The skinnies are all so cute.