Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grounded for sewing...

It's been crazy! Just like everyone else, I'm running a hundred miles an hour trying to get everything done. I decided I had to ground myself from sewing so I could clean house and do laundry. Yep, I did it. I got the house clean, laundry caught up, grocery shopping done, bedding changed, pack night attended and errands run. Yippe! That was earlier this week, so now I can report that I have made 2 other quilts. Very Merry, my latest creation is going to be quilted this week and ready to be posted right after. I did it in two different fabric lines, Kate Spain's, "12 days of Christmas" and Henry Glass line, "Home for the Holidays" I love them both. I will also be posting "Pumpkin Spice" my new fall one as soon as I get it back from the quilters.
Now I'm designing a Thanksgiving Skinnies. I hope to unveil them at the July Quilt Guild Fair in Provo on July 21st. Hope to see ya'll there. Until next time, happy and sewing (in a clean house)

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