Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Funny Kids

This summer has been educational already.  My kids have said
some funny things about life that I just had to share.
1.  Popsicle's taste best if you eat them outside.
2.  With Ninja skills you can do anything, even catching
a fly bear handed. 
(yes he washed vigorously afterwards)
3.  It's OK to skip your chores if you are helping and
serving someone else.
4.  Sleeping on the floor is better than sleeping in my own bed.
5.  It's OK not to grease the bottom of the brownie pan,
they still taste great in pieces.

Love having these guys home. I look forward to what other knowledge that they will share with me.
Don't forget about Saturday at Cotton Shop, 10 am
See ya there!
Happy Sewing

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