Monday, June 17, 2013

Cotton Shop Trunk Show

Thanks to Cotton Shop in Provo for having me come and play with them on Saturday.  
I always have fun going to sharing with fellow quilters.  
The top picture is of my very first quilt.  Yes, it's made from polyester with red yarn ties!!  
Can you believe it??!
I made it when I was 14.  Even though it's ugly, it's still my favorite to cuddle with.
The other pics are my goofy face while I talk about the newest quilts.  
I did a Steam-A-Seam demo while there as well.  
Thanks to everyone who attended!!  I love quilting!!!!!


  1. I love quilting too, and your designs, they are plain awesome!!!!! But I'm a newbie and I have many, many questions. One of the most important for me is: where do you buy the beautiful fabric you use to make your skinnies. When I had the opportunity to visit JoAnns, I was looking for the same or similar fabrics, and it was really hard. I would love if you could point me to the right direction, please; and would you mind to make a tutorial on the right appliqué tecnique. I've seen some videos on you tube, but honestly they are not really clear, I would realle appreciate it. Thanks a lot for creating such a beautiful work. I love it!!!!

  2. Lili_
    The best place to buy fabric is a local quilt shop. If there are none in your area, try online like Fat Quarter Shop, they always have the latest fabrics. There are so many online shops to try. You want to be sure to get good quality quilt fabrics.
    I am planning on doing a tutorial very soon on using fusible webbing. I will post it here on my blog so keep watching for it. I hope I have helped you in some way. Please feel free to email me with more questions. thanks!

  3. Thanks a lot for answering, you know I have my heart set on your gorgeous BOM patterns, I would love to give them a try, but I have to practice first with your beautiful skinnies, wish me luck ;)