Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Sewing

Yes, I actually got to do some fun sewing.  I'm working on a bunch of Christmas table runner/toppers and here's the second one. 
I need to add an applique to the center section.  I just can't decided what to do.  Any suggestions???
Something in the corners maybe, nothing to big.  The center is 17" square and the topper is 32" square.  Give me your ideas.  Now back to work.  Have a fabulous day! and Happy Sewing


  1. How bout holly leaves and berry clusters in each corner? That would leave room for a candle or bowl in the's very cute like it is also!! Nice job!

  2. I think you need something yellow. I think the look of a trumpet tied with a bow in the center would be just the thing! Also the piecing looks like a wreath already so maybe a simple nutcracker...(i know that doesn't sound simple)would be amazing!! Good Luck...can't wait to sew something...soon!

  3. This is so dang cute. What and where is a pattern for This Margie??? Missing the hood and I hope all is well.