Friday, October 5, 2012

Skinnies Contest

Hey there to all and happy Friday! I need your help. I'm working on getting another year of Seasonal Skinnies patterns to be released in May 2013.  What images would you like to see done? I do one Skinnie for each month. Some of them are harder then others to come up with an idea
 and image that would work well.
Here's the challenge. I want ideas for the months of
The image must be related to that month or something that would work. I have some ideas, but I want to know what you would want in a Skinnie. Check out my existing Skinnies
patterns to see what's already there. The ideas can be one long skinnis image or
have 3-5 images per Skinnie, OK?
Rules of the challenge
1. leave one comment with all your ideas.
2. be creative and fun
3. check back on Friday Oct 12 to see if you have won the prize
The prize for the winner is one  set of my Seasonal Skinnies patterns.
There are two choices
Year 2
Year 3
Put on your quilting caps and think up some great ideas!! 
Thanks for your help and have a fabulous weekend!


  1. For August, a beach theme -- sailboats, lighthouses, flamingoes, and such.
    For September, back to school -- pencils, books, schoolhouses, etc.
    For November (and this one's a stretch) -- elections. Yeah, I don't like it either.

  2. Definitely a beach theme for August - maybe bucket and spade? September - Autumn leaves, a rake?? November - fireworks/Guy Fawkes?? Yes OK i'm in the UK!!

  3. November-Pilgrims, horn of plenty.
    September-maybe do like smaller apples, sunflowers and do 3 -4 per hanging. Or maybe a gourd.
    August- Hot air balloon. set of 3-4 watermelon slices or do a vegetable theme.

  4. August - Sunflowers and watermelons
    September - Leaves, rake
    October - witches hat, broom, black cat

  5. August - sunshine!
    September - back to school: pencils, crayons, an apple, or some kind of "welcome to our classroom" sign.
    November - cornucopia, indian corn, PIE!

  6. August - swimming pool, beach chairs, swimsuits,
    September - pencils, pens, markers
    November - hats - pilgrim hat, Indian headdress, pilgrim bonnet.

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  8. After talking with you today I thought of a witch for October and then see that you don't need October. How about a chalkboard for September with an apple. How about a moose or an apple pie for fall. There is always a surf board for summer, candy apples for fall. There, now you have 8 comments. Karlene

  9. August: A speed boat or other beachy stuff. (Although I really like the hot air balloon idea someone posted earlier)
    September: A school bus with fall leaves
    November: A turkey or a bear in pilgram clothing