Saturday, April 29, 2017

Lemonade anyone??

A nice tall glass of yummy goodness is on the way in a form of a new Seasonal Skinnies pattern. I'm super excited to be releasing 5 new patterns at International Quilt Market in May.  Stay tuned for a give away that will be happening soon.  Have a great weekend!


  1. Just today saw your “skinny’s” on Pinterest
    Okay... how do I get my hands on a full book of all these adorably done fun hangups... these are just my speed and style... as I love home decor but desperately want to reduce all the collection of dust catchers and reduce storage space... these are so much cuter than the hand towels that my mom made me, one for every month, I don’t put them out as they don’t get used or hung on my oven door... they end up on the floor... so I’ve been eyeballing mug rugs and such... and think that someday I’ll make several of the same to give my couple girlfriends of 30+ years each a monthly mug rug... that way I get more out of the fabric buying... I do not have a fabric stash to pull from... I try so hard to not become my mother with 40 years of unfinished projects and fabric that is always reserved for something else, that she’s never let me have a piece for a random anything.

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