Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Alaskan Cruise Day 5

Still cruising and lovin' it!!!  
Today's port - SITKA!!!!!
We woke up to this scene, isn't it just gorgeous?!  

We were tendered into the docks, first time for everything.  There's a lot of people in that boat.

 Our first stop.  We have heard so much about the Totem Park that we couldn't wait to see it.
 So we started walking on the path.......
 and kept walking.....we saw this sign and walked a little faster.  Still no totem poles
 The forest was breathtaking.  Still walking....
We stayed on the trail so I know we were in the right place.  We went around bend and ....
 there was a totem pole.  Yeah, we found them!!

 They were around every turn now.  Some had color, others didn't.  All of them huge and all different.
 Here's a very interesting set of three..... the middle one needs a little work. 
 An old church on the way back into town.  I loved the brick work and the stained glass windows.
I thought that window would make a beautiful quilt block ( always a quilter!)
 Next stop, a quilt shop of course!!!  Abby's Reflections in downtown Sitka.
 Yep, had to buy a couple of pieces...
 and maybe one more. Really!  I need this one too!!! 
 If you ever go to Sitka, stop by and say Hi! to Jill (the owner) and her crew of quilters
Great shop and fun fabrics!!!
This is an old graveyard.  It was quite a beautiful place.
 Very quiet and peaceful.  Moss covered most of the tombstones too.
St Micheal's Cathedral was smack dab in the middle of town.
The roads went on either side of the building.  The bell tower sounded on the hour.  
That was cool!!  I loved the sound of the bells
 Back on the ship heading out to sea.
 We had some company...a sea loin stayed with us for a bit.  It was awesome to 
see one so close!!!  We got better video where you can see his face.
Ending our day in Sitka with High Tea and all the quilters.
Great time, again!!!!

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