Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A nice surprise

What a busy morning already! Getting kids ready for school, starting laundry, making a salad for dinner, straighting the house up so I can be ready for work, filling the dishwasher, paying bills and then getting 4 kids
 to 3 different schools all before 8:40am.
I get home after taking kids to school and I found a box on my front door.   Kind of early for mail but hey it's all good for me.  Then I saw who it was from. 
Well, this is what was in that box.....
AURIFIL Thread!!!!! 
Thread, thread, thread,  I LOVE this thread.  Aren't these just gorgeous!!!!!  Seriously if you haven't tried Aurifil thread, you need to.  This is the
b-e-s-t stuff!!.  I use the 50 weight and as I said love it!!.  These are some of the colors that I will be using on my new designs, beautiful, rich, yummy colors.
I better get to work (grin)
Happy Sewing!!

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