Thursday, November 15, 2012

A week of Thanksgiving

This morning as I got up and was making my chocolate milk (yes, I am hopelessly addicted to chocolate milk) I started to think of how grateful I am for the simple things in life.  I can say that I'm thankful for my family, friends, church, home, health, etc.  But, I thought I would focus on the odd things that I take for granted all the time. 
So for the next week, you will see a post from me everyday listing
some out of the ordinary things that I am most thankful for. 
 I would love to hear yours. 
 Please comment and share. 
Today I'm thankful for Chocolate milk


  1. I LOVE nesquick :-) I often make hot chocolate in the evenings and also for the kids. I know it's a lot of sugar, but better than the syrup that has corn syrup in it :-)

    I do also make a cappucino mix, using instant coffee, nesquick, powdered creamer and sugar, it's yummy!

  2. I love it too...but you should be aware that there has been a recall.

  3. Thanks Gene for the heads up. I checked the canisters I have and they are OK according to the website. Thanks!