Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Let the Tour begin

Today starts our "Springtime in the Rockies" tour.  
 I'm sooooo excited!!!  If you remember, this book was recently released and it's now time to formally tell you about it.  Here it is.
    Your first stop will be "Home of Kansas City Star", this is were the tour begins.  There's  17 of us involved in the tour, so that means you will have 17 chances to win one of these awesome books.  Each day you go to one or two different blogs to read about this great book, and to enter to win.    I will keep you posted.  Here's the list of all the blogs. 

Sept 19 - Kansas City Star
Sept 20 - Amy Smart  - Diary of a Quilter 
Sherri McConnell
Sept 21 - April Mazzoleni
Sept 22 - Becky Morganson

Sept 24 - Karlene Riggs
Sept 25 - Margie Ullery
Sept 27 - Konda Luckau
Don't miss out on this great event!!!  Make sure you stop here on the 25th to enter my give away as well.  Happy sewing!

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