Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Only a few hours left

Last day of the Steam-A-Seam give away. 
If you haven't already, post your comments and be a follower. 
 Remember write two truths and one lie, be fun and creative.
The contest closes  5pm MST.  
I will announce the winner later this evening, I need time to read all the comments. 
The winner will be chosen at random.  Thanks!! Good luck to all.


  1. I'd love to win! I'm allergic to Cats...achoo, love seasonal decorating, and it's raining here in Southern Utah.

  2. Wow! I know I posted already. Please encourage your readers to stop by my blog for a chance to win a pair of angel embroidery scissors and other fun things:

  3. love it, like it, want to share it.