Thursday, August 11, 2011

So close....

We are so close to school starting. Yippee!!!! My kids are so excited to start school this year, not to mention how excited I am. School shopping is just about done, backpacks are ready to go and everyone is registered. I still have to go and buy some school supplies. I just can't not buy them. Walking through the rows of pencils, washable markers, notepads, binders, colored pencils, crayons, they some how end up in my cart and I have to buy some, I can't resist the temptation.

We have had a great summer, but are ready to settle down and get back to the routine of school.
I'm ready to sew for hours on end because there are four piles of fabric sitting on my work table begging to be made into quilts. I have plans to visit some new quilt shops I haven't been able to go to and design some new fun quilts. I haven't been able to go quilt shop hopping because, what child wants to go to the fabric store while mom drools over fabric? They will be saved from the fabric shop, safe at school. (smile)

All in all we are ready for the new school year, how about you?

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