Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Quilt Market

Here I am! Market was FABULOUS, AMAZING, WONDERFUL, OK you get the idea. We had a great time. I had Brandy Mascher, Michelle Hansen and Lisa Dunn helping. I couldn't of done it without them. They are awesome gals!! We kept very busy all three days and really enjoyed ourselves and seeing all the great talented people from all over the place.

Notice the snowman quilt, well that is one of my new releases, "Winter Friends". You can see part of the Winter Skinnies with the Penguin.

More pictures of my booth...... I didn't have time to take more of the show... next time, huh? The fall quilt here is a new one called "Harmony".

"All Dolled Up" quilts turned out so cute, it was fun to see them all done with everyones blocks and the fabulous quilting that was done. Here's the first.

Here's the other "All Dolled Up" quilt. They were displayed in the Riley Blake booth.

OK, my quilt Sassafras was made from a Red Rooster line called Nana's Garden. Here's what happened. Saturday we were talking to a few gals who were looking at the quilt and said, "Hey our sister designed that fabric." Well, I freaked out when I found out that she, Arlene Neely from Red Rooster, was going to come and see what I did with her fabric line. She loved it! So here we are posing, I'm the tall one :), Arlene is in the middle and one of her sisters was there with her. They are just the sweetest gals. It was so cool meeting a designer, I was like a little kid. So much fun!!!!!
All in all market was a great experience, I meet tons of wonderful people and got to talk about nothing but fabrics and quilting for 3 solid days. What could be better???


  1. I love the princess quilt. I saw in the the Corn Wagon, I think, and have loved it ever since.

  2. I meant, I saw IT at the Corn Wagon Quilt Shop.

  3. You are such a creative rockstar.