Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Farm Quiet Book

Oh my gosh!!! Is this the cutest thing ever??!! Sorry that wasn't so humble. I do have to say I did a pretty good job designing and making it. Don't you think?? I used a pair of old jeans for the base pages and wool felt for the letters. Scraps were used through out the whole book too. Each page has a different sensory item to feel. Take a look and tell me what you think.

The cow has button nostrils, I told you I love buttons. He also has a ribbon tail that has a knot on the end and a bell around his neck.
The sheep, I used a chenille fabric for a different feel.

The pig is made from a scrap of minkee fabric and she also has a ribbon tail, but don't you love the button nose!!
My horse has a rick-rack mane and a ribbon bridle. Adding a large piece of rick-rack, which I love too, was fun.

Spot the dog, has wool felt floppy ears so the kids
can lift them up. He is made out of wool felt too.
The sleepy owl is sitting on a pipe cleaner branch.
I took one chenille stick and twisted it to the size I needed and then tucked in the ends so there are no sharp edges. I used embroidery floss to hand sew this in place. It looks like the owls claws holding the branch.
The little fish pond was a fun thing to add. The blue is a tulle I found at a scrap book store in their trim area. I scrunched it up and sewed it in three areas to secure it to the page. The fish have seed bead eyes.
Finger puppets are a must for a quiet book. The three little chicks come out of the nest so the kids can pretend they are flying. That's the Farm Quiet book I hope you like it. Let me know.....