Thursday, June 26, 2014

Alaskan Cruise - Day 4

Still cruising and lovin' it!!!  Classes began at 9 in the sewing room.  This was part 2 of the Alaskan Sampler quilt.  Those who were able to get their images fused, were able to start stitching on them.  We cruised to Glacier Bay and Oh my gosh it was AMAZING!!!  Some of us skipped out of class (for just a bit) to take pictures and see the beauty of this magnificent glacier.

 We are coming up on the main glacier, it's on the left.
The glacier in the top right corner was enormous, like a giant slide!  
We didn't get too close to that one.
 Here we are coming up on Margerie Glacier. 
 I'm thinking that it's not that big, boy was I wrong!!
 We stayed in this bay for almost 2 hours.  In the picture below there was a small cruiser that went closer to the glacier, but the ship was so small it was hard to see, but it did give us a perspective on how really massive this glacier is.  Unbelievable!!  The Margerie Glacier is 21 miles long, 1 mile wide.  It is 350 ft high with 250 feet above the water and 100 feet below.  Pretty amazing right?!
 I loved to see the blue in the ice.
One of the local creatures decided to catch a ride......heheheh.
Can you believe, that is a bald eagle.  He was just sitting on an ice berg that was floating by the ship.

Way cool is see the glacier "calving"  I was hoping that we would be able to see it and we did!!

This is an ariel view of the glacier I got on line so we could see how huge this thing is. Pretty impressive!

Wow, what a day.  So exhausting seeing all those glaciers. (grin).  
I can't wait to go again!  Another great day!  

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  1. Thanks for all the pictures - of both the cruise and your booth. The cruise looks like so much fun! So glad you on the other side of that motion sickness - it's no fun with that.