Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Need your vote

I need your help!  Skinnies are in the making and I need your help to decide on the Easter Skinnie for this years release.  I really like both my ideas, but can't make up my mind. 
So, I'm asking you
#1  - One tall chocolate bunny
#2 - Peeps, 3-5 peeps all different bright Spring colors
Just like all the Skinnies, the images would be strip-pieced
Which one would you prefer???
Leave your comment and tell me.


  1. I vote for the Peeps. My favorite skinnies are the ones with more than one item - more color options! Besides, peeps would be so cute.

  2. Tall chocolate bunny!!! We could all use more chocolate!!!

  3. I'm going to vote for the peeps, but I hope you'll make the chocolate bunny next year...or vice versa. No wonder you couldn't decide!!!

  4. I vote the 3-5 peeps! They are ever so much fun.